Siwon: New Years

                It was 11:45 on December 31st, 2011 and you were having the time of your life: you were at a New Years Eve party with your lovely boyfriend, Siwon, and all of his friends from SM Entertainment. You had just downed your second glass of apple cider and decided to find a bathroom to relieve yourself quickly.

                On your way, you felt a gentle hand grab your arm.  Looking up, you notice it’s Siwon. “______-ah, come with me?” he asks, more of a statement, but a question nonetheless.

                “I…uh…okay,” you reply.

                Leading you up the stairs, you find yourself alone on the roof, a beautiful view of Seoul all around you.  There was a timer set on the balcony that read: 11:58.  “I brought you up here because I read an interesting article last night.  It said that whatever you’re doing at 11:59 New Year’s Eve up until 12:01 New Years Day, is what you will be doing all year long.  And I want that to be sharing my love and kisses with only you.  To us, and our alone time.”

                You suddenly eel his lips against yours, 12:02 comes, and your kiss is just as deep.

I’m sorry it was quick, Anon. I hope you enjoyed it though :)