When You’re Late

                Glancing down at your watch, you cursed yourself silently for letting yourself oversleep, and thus being late to your date with your boyfriend.  You knew it wasn’t technically your fault because your alarm didn’t go off, but you could also argue that it was with the fact that you decided to take a nap in the first place.  Quickening your pace, you headed to the café four blocks away from your apartment.  This was your first date with him in a month and you ruined it.  How would he react with your tardiness?  He would be upset most likely and throw a fit.  Would he break up with you over this?  You didn’t think so, but for some reason the thought kept appearing.
                As you reached the café, you spotted him sitting in a secluded corner sipping away at what you assumed to be a double-shot espresso.  Slipping into the seat across from him, you avoided his gaze completely.  “Hi oppa,” you muttered, “sorry I’m late.  My alarm didn’t go off and-”
                “It’s okay,” he said, gently placing a hand over yours, “I understand.  Things happen.”
                Having mustered enough courage to look into his eyes for any hint of sarcasm, you were surprised to be greeted with a kiss.  When you pulled back, he only leaned with you, causing the kiss to deepen.
                “Oppa,” you finally interrupt.  “Not here,” you giggle, blushing like a tomato.
                “But why not?” he asked, pouting.
                “Because we’re in public,” you looked around to find several of the elders giving you weird looks.
                “Well let’s go home then,” he said getting up from his seat. 
                “Well if I had known that’s how the night was going to go I wouldn’t have had to wake up from my nap.”
                “You were late because you were sleeping?” he asked, narrowing his brown eyes.
                “Yes… but my alarm didn’t go off…” you said, looking down and feeling inferior.
                “I see, I guess I will have to keep you awake then,” he said with a smirk.