When you’re Cuddling and Things Get Heated

This scenario is optional bias.  Enjoy. <3


            This is the life, you thought; you were cuddled in the arms of your loving boyfriend while watching a fairly romantic movie together.  The movie was nothing spectacular, but it was a simple romantic drama—boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy looses girl, boy gets girl back, they live happily ever after.  The both of you were enjoying the movie for a good hour, when a question suddenly popped into the head of your beloved.
            “Do you think that’s the kind of couple we are?” your boyfriend asked tilting his head, his chocolate brown eyes looking into yours.
            “Well,” you begin, wanting to answer carefully, yet with honest intentions.  “I don’t think so.  I mean, we’re lovey-dovey like they are, but we haven’t really had any of the same obstacles.”
            “Thank goodness,” he replied, kissing your right temple causing you to squirm closer to his left side.  “Because I don’t think I could handle some of that drama,” he added with a slight chuckle.
            “What do you mean?” you asked, off put by his response.  Does this mean he wouldn’t be there for you if the two of you had a serious fight?  Would he not want to work it out?  How could he be so selfish?  Heat began to spread throughout your body as you drew and arched your brows together.
            “I mean that if we were to have a serious fight, I don’t know how well I could handle it.  Loosing you is a thought I can’t even bear to think about, and that’s what most fights usually lead to.”
            “So if we had a fight, what would happen?”
            “I don’t know, we haven’t had one yet.”
            “Oh yeah?” Before you knew it you were on your feet, hands clenched.  “Well we’re pretty darn close mister.”
            You could see confusion creasing his face and his thoughts swirling, obviously this was not the reaction he was expecting.  “Are you trying to start something?” he asks, eyes practically bulging out of his head.
            “Oh, so now this is my fault?”
            “You want to know how I’d handle a fight?” he practically shouted, bouncing to his feet, arms out in the air.
            “Yeah, I do.”
            Before you knew it your body was being drawn in close by a pair of thin, but muscular arms; your lips were held captive by another pair; and without a second thought your hands were running through and clenching his dark brown locks.  With such simple movements you were able to feel such joy and pleasure, a happiness only attainable when with this special someone.  Within seconds your anger was drained away.
            A moment later you were sitting on the couch again, but this time, instead of cuddling and watching the movie, you were sitting on the lap of the most perfect man known to man, kissing him and touching like there was no tomorrow.  You pulled away from the kiss to fill your lungs with much needed oxygen when you felt his warm breath caressing your earlobe.  “I love you,” he coos, “I love everything about you…” his voice trails off and before you know it his lips were pressed right behind your auricle. You let a soft moan escape your lips as a kiss tickled the sensitive spot on your neck, causing him to suck gently on the spot, creating more moans and other sensual sounds. 
            Getting bored with the same spot, your boyfriend decided it was time for a different approach.  He lifted up your shirt without any resistance from you; in fact, you helped him remove it completely.  A moment later his hands were cupping your breasts, kneading them slightly, pinching the tips between his index finger and thumb.  As he took your nipple into his mouth to suck, you began to pant softly due to the sensations arising in your nether regions.  This wasn’t your first experience, but the fact that you were being treated so slowly, softly, and sensually, this experience was definitely the most intense.
            Moving to the other breast, your hands decided to join in on the fun.  You rubbed your palms over your stomach, trickling your fingers slowly over your hip bones and down towards your pelvis.  After releasing your perk with a loud pop, he captured your mouth once more with his.  This time, his hands were the ones exploring.
            Down.  Down beyond your breasts, beyond your navel, beyond your hips, down to your clothed womanhood.  While kissing you, he unbuttoned your denim shorts and with a team effort, disposed of them.  A moment later your underwear was gone as well.  Picking you up, he gently repositioned you on the couch so that you were lying on your back with your head propped up by a pillow, not once did he break the kiss.
            Positioning himself in between your legs, he placed on finger on your clit, slowly moving it around, torturing you.  Soon enough, he repositioned his hand so that his thumb was massaging your now swollen clit, and his middle finger lay inside you.  You had grunted at the surprise entrance, but quickly complied and turned the noises into something more … appealing… to the ears.
            You let out a moan as his tongue flicked against your opening, and then your bud.  There was something different about the way you were being touched tonight.  Like there was meaning, not just passion and a desire for sex, but love.  His tongue began to move faster and his mouth opened wider, allowing him enough room to suck on your folds. 
            This feeling: you loved it.  The sensations rippling throughout your body were like nothing you had ever felt before.  His fingers moved faster, and his tongue got into a rhythm—slowly, you could feel your climax.  Knotting your fingers into his hair you released, covering his tongue with your juices; body convulsing, and breathing hard.
            Kissing you as you rode out your orgasm; you felt a finger brush against your lips.  “You asked what I would do if we fought,” he said, “and this is it.”